in a world where evrything seems so bleak, everyone needs just a little space they can call their piece of happiness :) cheers all around

Saturday, November 22, 2003

hey hey!! im finally started with my new blog!!! so exciting!!! well..hahas...cos my othewr blog's gonna expire in like 9 days...hahas!! well,.. to all those who have this link, welcome to my new blog!!! hahas, kinda like a little house warming party .. imagine streamers n party hats ard...hahas, enuff nonsense for now.. well.. hmm..just some little updates...i've at long last crawled thru the second week of the As...its barely 5 more days to go!!! yeah baby yeah!!!
so in a pretty slack mood now...oh ya, yesterday was emily koh's bdae..happi bday em!! hahas..wadya want for ur bday? hmm...i go pick u some pebbles frm the beach when i go over to KL ya hahas...okies..hope u had a great time with mich n pam yesterday..:) yeah!! i realli cant wiat for the end!!!! im like how excited la!!!well.. this will be my first entry for this blog...till then..;)

love flea

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